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Dog Dream Glucosamine Original Formula

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The 32-ounce bottle of the Original formula of glucosamine from Best Paw Nutrition with the foundational core formula which restores soft tissues in the body such as in the joints! The core joint formula provides nutrients to the body just like food does to give the body the resources to work with.

This is why it takes 4-6 weeks of consistent use at the weight recommended serving size for any changes to begin to be seen. Always start your pet with half their weight range serving for the first 7 days to give them time to adjust to the new nutrients coming in.

✔️Provides Glucosamine, Chondroitin, HA, and MSM the critical ingredient combination for soft tissues

✔️Provides the resources to naturally heal & restore soft tissues including cartilage, ligaments, tendons & joint lubricants

✔️In a BPA-Free bottle & Cap

✔️Easy to administer flip cap for pouring into a measuring spoon

✔️Refrigeration Required

✔️Best Glucosamine for Dogs (Safe if cats happen to consume the formula at their weight range)

✔️No added flavorings of any kind, based in Aloe Vera juice and Stevia

Please know: We are ALWAYS happy to help. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your bottle please send us a message on our Live ChatFacebook Messenger or send us an email to pawlove@bestpawnutrition.com 

We really do care about the pets we serve, and it is our mission to make a paw print in the pet world by bringing quality products back into the market, education to the world about the role of nutrition in the daily life and the power back into the hands of the pet parents out there to make fully informed choices for their fur families. We will keep on barking and yowling day and night to be heard and make a difference to as many pets out there as we can.

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Janette B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Ruby loves it

My Ruby loves this product in her water!

Melody B.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Glucosamine original formula

Long time customers of the pump version glucosamine. First time trying the original formula. We give this to our senior dog with severe arthritis and mobility issues. We actually prefer this more liquefied version and don't mind the need to refrigerate it. The pump version inevitably would get clogged and make a mess when trying to spray it out. No issues like that with this version.

Crystal P.
United States


Sadly I was only able to use it twice before she passed away. Had I know I would not have purchased without knowing what I could do with the unused. But I’m sure your product was good.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Gary P.
New York, USA

Five Stars

This stuff is amazing it really worked on my dog

Melinda S.
United States

Excellent Product

Dogs like the taste and have increased mobility since using the product. Have used it for 4 years at least! Our 14 and 8 year old Shepherds are loving it. The only thing that would be better is a pump on the bottle.

Best Paw Nutrition Dog Dream Glucosamine Original Formula ReviewBest Paw Nutrition Dog Dream Glucosamine Original Formula Review
Stacey B.
Florida, USA

did seem to make Thor move around a little better

It did seem to make Thor move around a little better in fact I am going to order 2 more bottles now

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer

Great product that definitely helps with my sweet, elderly dog�s joint pain!

I love that I can pour it on my elderly , arthritic dog�s food without her knowing she�s getting medicine.(SO much easier than pills to try to disguise!) Since giving this to my 14 + yr. old shelter rescue, twice daily for several weeks, she seems to have less trouble getting up from the floor and seems much more mobile than before the glucosamine. I have been able to cut her daily doses of Novox ( for pain) in half!

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Jill E.
United States


We have used many different glucosamine supplements and this one, by far, has made an incredible difference for a three-legged boxer mix. She is basically living a new life, Very happy!

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Cynthia S.
North Carolina, USA

My senior dog is feeling like a puppy again. This liquid supplement really works!

I stumbled on this product during a lightening deal and I'm so very glad I found it. My 15 year old 12 pound mixed breed dog has always had a mild problem with luxating patellas but now that she's older she's dealing with arthritis in her back, hips, and knees, too. After 3 weeks on the Pure Paw Liquid Glucosamine I can definitely tell a difference in her freedom of movement. It's like I'm giving her a B-12 shot or something. She's more energetic and puppyish. She's ripping out of the house at a run instead of taking cautious stiff steps to get down the single step at the door. It's been a joy to see. I know it's the supplement, because I missed one day of treatment and I could see an immediate difference in her demeanor. She likes the flavor, too. This product is a definite keeper for my little senior citizen. Thank you

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Heather G.
Massachusetts, USA

It works very quickly and helps my older former stray kitty with his quality of life

I bought this a couple of months ago for an older stray cat that we rescued. When we first took Jack-Jack in two years ago the vet estimated his age to be at least 10 judging by his miserable teeth issues. After getting neutered and getting over a bad infection and a much-needed dental, we decided to do something about Jack's stiff-limb walking. We tried Cosequin which definitely helped make his joints feel better, but it gave him terrible diarrhea. I used it very sparingly until I came across this liquid Glucosamine for dogs. Happily it is fine to use with cats so I bought it. We tried it out with Jack and saw great improvements with his mobility. However, stuff happens and we had to help our other cat who was very sick. Meanwhile Jack-Jack seemed to be doing ok with his mobility without getting his usual dose of Glucosamine. Until now, that is. My husband noticed that Jack was wanting to jump up onto a shelf in the pantry last night but he couldn't. This is something he has been doing for the past few weeks. I gave him some Glucosamine mixed in with his canned food dinner. Twelve hours later I was sitting in the kitchen and I heard him jump up onto this shelf that he couldn't get to last night!! I am thrilled and am sure that Jack-Jack is happy too! I will definitely continue to give him this as it makes a huge difference in his quality of life. He plays like a kitten and is so full of happiness and joy. Besides giving him a loving home, Glucosamine has helped him tremendously.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Patricia H.
Hawaii, USA

My dogs love it!

I bought this for my two 12 year-old Jack Russell Terriers ( Life is Merrier With a Terrier). I've been using this product for about a year now and give it 5 stars. I even set up a recurring shipment so I won't run out. I put several pumps on their dry food at mealtime and they gobble it up with enthusiasm. They really seem to enjoy the flavor. Both dogs are very active and don't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Rick W.

The Very BEST!

My 100 + pound WGSD was rescued at a little over 7 years old about 10 months ago. Based on what appears to be physical abuse he had significant arthritis and leg issues. He has been on this wonderful product for about 8 months now as well as the Fish Oil and is a different dog. He will be on this Glucosamine forever as it has made such a positive physical change. Thaks Pure Paw

John W.
United States

Conversion to PurePaw Joint Support

This is my 3rd bottle of glucosamine product and I've decided to convert to it permanently. Max is now 10 and I'm depending on this product to help her through her aging process. So far, she doesn't seem to have any joint pain or stiffness and I will continue to evaluate.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Linda A.
Michigan, USA

Good start

My 13 1/2 yr old chocolate lab has bad back legs and has problems getting up and down stairs - we can't let her run as she'll be hobbled up for 2 days. This liquid glucosamine seems to be helping her get around better - only used about 3 weeks now but we do see a difference.We'll be getting another bottle.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Valerie P.
Oregon, USA

Our pup loves his Pure Paw Glucosamine !

Our 11 year old dog was starting to have problems getting up first thing in the morning, he was really stiff and it was taking him awhile to get going.He has always been really active and wants to play as soon as he gets up. He's been taking the Glucosamine for a few month now and it has really made a difference. He is full of energy, my husband questions weather its a good idea to give it to him...lol.

Thomas Harris Jr.
Virginia, USA

Great service and good products

Seems to be working. Still to early to tell. Company sent additional information to my email about the product. Great service and good products. Will order if the future.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Deena C.
Illinois, USA

I really think it's helping my senior dog with hip issues!

I love this! I think it's really helping my aging lab/retriever mix. However, it REALLY needs a pump. It's very hard to pour out the right amount.

Karen T.
Hawaii, USA

Helps immensely!

This helps my older boy so much. Thank you for the great product !

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Todd L.
New York, USA

Wow it really works

Wow it really works.i seen results in a few days!! I have Prince a nine-year-old boxer that had a bad accident when he was a puppy. He was run over by a dump truck and almost lost his leg. He had to have his other hip done from favoring his good leg. No bad side effects he's running around like a pup. I just reordered he even likes the taste. No BS it works!!!

Rick W.
United States

Origional Liquid Glucosamine

My 7 year old white GSD rescued less than 4 months ago is showing great improvement with his joints in about 1.5 months on this product. The physical abuse he suffered for many years affected his joints and he developed osteoarthritis. He loves the taste in his food along with the 100% Wild Salmon Fish Oil. His fur is thicker and his joints are definitely improved. He will stay on both products because they really work! And he deserves the best now! Thank you Emily, Rick.

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