Pure Digestion Probiotics for dogs

Eva's boy, sampson

"I purchased your Pure Digestion Probiotics for my 4-year-old Australian Shepherd Sampson, who suffers from Epilepsy. No more soft or runny foul smelling poo!! And to make it even better, he loves it!! Thank you for making such a high-quality product." -Eva

Pure Digestion
joint supplements for dogs

Duke & Daddy

"I can go with the peace of mind that Duke and Daisy have the skin care and joint and cartilage care that they need here for my buddy to give them each day. Excellent service on the order and lightning fast delivery so my furry kids never missed a dose.  Again, I thank you all and especially you, Alex! My kids need their medicine. I appreciate you all! I’ll be putting in my order of Cod Treats for them before much longer. Those are “the bomb” per Ms. Daisy!!!!!!! Thanks again for easing my worries."

Much love, Duke, Daisy, and Fred

best salmon oil for dogs

6 Stars!!!

"Her vet suggests us to give her Salmon Oil. Luna wasn't stopping scratching and biting herself and getting worse every day.
We've been using this oil for about 2 weeks and I see improvements in Luna's coat and skin. And she loves the flavor!!! I really recommend this product if you have an allergic dog." -Gabriela 

Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil
liquid glucosamine for dogs

John's Molly & max

"Nutrition is perhaps the single most important aspect of her health. So, I try my best to stay focused on her nutrition and select only products that will contribute to it significantly. That's my responsibility as her guardian and I rely on PurePaw's products to help me keep her healthy and to give her a long and happy life." -John

Premium Glucosamine
alaskan salmon oil for dogs

Lindsey's Kota

"My Great Danes skin has been so silky and smooth since i started using it a month ago! He has no dandruff anymore!" -Lindsey

Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil

"I had been seeing symptoms of hip dysplasia and finally took her to the Doc. Honestly, I pretty much refused to put her on any medication rather went the route of Mother Nature and the gifts she gives us to heal! Eventually, she was limping a lot (both sides), unable to go up steps, jump on the bed etc. NOW......she can do all of the following including running around like she’s 2yrs old again!! its been great and she’s super happy, so thanks for an amazing product!" -Nathan

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