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The most complete digestive aid for carnivore pets! Pure Digestion is the most encompassing digestive formula that takes into account how much the gut plays a role in immunity and providing nourishment to the body.

Digestive enzymes prepare food to be broken down by highly acidic stomach acid of pets.After time in the stomach and with pancreatic enzymes and bile from the liver the probiotics get to work turning food into nutrients, absorbing toxins from the body and kicking out pathogenic microbes in the large intestine to fortify the microbiome.

This is why it takes 4-6 weeks of consistent use at the weight recommended serving size for any changes to begin to be seen. Always start your pet with half their weight range serving for the first 7 days to give them time to adjust to the new nutrients coming in.
✔️Provides Digestive Enzymes optimal for carnivore pets

✔️Provides 8 key strains of Probiotics to optimize the carnivore digestive system and support pets on raw, home cooked, kibble and canned diets

✔️Provides Prebiotic Fiber to allow the probiotics to establish the microbiome of the gut

✔️Includes other powerfully beneficial ingredients such as turmeric, coconut oil and beef liver

✔️Boosts the immune system and stabilizes a healthy and balanced microbiome

✔️Assists kidneys through specific probiotic strains to help filter toxins from the blood

✔️Provides dental benefits as the kelp softens tartar and creates a protective barrier to resist plaque and tartar to sticking to the teeth

✔️Convenient concentrated powder form so small amounts provide huge benefits (Please serve according to the label!) 

✔️Refrigeration required

✔️BPA-free jar and scoop

✔️No added flavorings of any kind, in a base of real powdered beef liver to entice pets

✔️The best probiotic for dogs & cats

Please know: We are ALWAYS happy to help. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your bottle please send us a message on our Live ChatFacebook Messenger or send us an email to pawlove@bestpawnutrition.com 

We really do care about the pets we serve, and it is our mission to make a paw print in the pet world by bringing quality products back into the market, education to the world about the role of nutrition in the daily life and the power back into the hands of the pet parents out there to make fully informed choices for their fur families. We will keep on barking and yowling day and night to be heard and make a difference to as many pets out there as we can.

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Alexis E.
I recommend this product

A quality holistic product that excludes bad ingredients

Hello everyone! I had to come back and update my review which remains 5 stars, but it would be 10 if I could make it so. Most of my viewpoints are the same in my previous review, so I wanted to talk about the differences. I reached out to the company to ask about these changes, as with a cat with Kidney disease I have to be careful. One wrong choice and before I know it he would be in critical care and in a wooden box for burial. Since I learned about the changes, agreed with them bought it and willingly gave it to my cat I have come to further love this formula. Firstly, the big one for me is they improved the strains of probiotics. They kept the main 3 I needed for my cat to help filter the toxins out of his blood from his diseases kidneys but they included a few that are known to help with blood sugar help, mood help, and immune boosting help! The second biggest change was their enzymes. I couldn't be happier to see pancreatin in the list. Still a little sad to not see the addition of black pepper though, so I still have to keep adding a dash to my cat's food every meal to make the turmeric much more effective for him. It's important too because, with kidney disease, inflammation is a HUGE factor in how well any pet does. No one wants to be in pain, and just the pain of constant inflammation at the kidneys can't be the easiest to deal with. I have noticed the turmeric is much more noticeable in the formula but I am totally ok with that. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric is in the oily yellow staining molecules of turmeric root, so to me I am beyond happy to see the formula much more golden. I have used the new version for about a month now and my cat has increased in activity a little bit more than the last formula. His poop is still good and healthy without a "gas out" effect that some cat poop has. He doesn't get spit up or sick which a lot of CKD cats get and over all just a happy active cat with a healthy appetite. As for my other 2, they both are doing great with healthy poop, no problems with it and like the flavor. Thank you so much for improving this formula! My CKD cat depends on it with his life. Literally.

United States United States
I recommend this product


My dog LOVES this stuff. With out a probiotic she itches and chews are her paws year round. With the liver flavor she will lick it up by itself no need to sprinkle on food or add a fish oil. This way I can still feed her meal through a puzzle, snuffle mat or use it for training. I trust the brand because it was suggested my my Certified Behaviorist and so glad I gave it a try.

Denyse P.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I wanted to thank you for investing your time in producing such a great product for our furry family members. When you had run out of stock a few months back and I was on back order, I had purchased a similar probiotic powder from a different company and well my dogs wouldn’t touch their food. Using your product has really improved their coats and they have solid bowel movements. I have really noticed a positive change. Again thank you for a great product :)

Denyse P.
United States United States
I recommend this product


I had ordered this product for the first time in April of this year in hopes that dogs skin would return to being healthy. This product surpassed all my expectations

Ines M.
United States United States
I recommend this product

Enjoying this!

It’s only been 3 weeks but so far my pup is loving the mixture! He had some GI issues and I’m hoping with continued use he will benefit more.

Ines M. verified customer review of Pure Digestion | The Best Probiotic For Dogs & Cats
Malanie W.

The best for my Wiggles

If your tired of searching reviews for hours, stop right now. Your found the best product for your fur babies. This probiotic is where it's at. Just give it a try and the results are all you need. I .am so happy she loves the flavor too

Best Paw Nutrition

Your kind words mean the universe and more to us. Thank you so much for taking the time to share with us and other Pawrents your opinion and experience with the Pure Digestion and letting us know how Wiggles is doing too.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Julie G.
California, USA

My pup has sensitive skin and bowel issues. I purchased the probiotic and salmon oil. .

My pup has sensitive skin and bowel issues. I purchased the probiotic and salmon oil. His coat is shiny and his stowels are no longer runny after about two months.

Victor C.
United States

Quality Product!

All my dogs have several allergies and this adds a boot to their immune system that helps them stave off a good amount of symptoms.

Sally J.
United States

Pre and Pro Biotics Digestive Enzymes

These Pure Paw / Best Paw probiotics have helped my senior diabetic dog so much. His stool went from runny to normal, and he has a ton of energy for a 13-year-old Llasa! I also give this to my 4 year old Pom mix. Both have great coats and lots of energy. This is my second large bottle of these probiotics and I will continue to buy. Customer service is awesome!

Sally J. verified customer review of Pure Digestion | The Best Probiotic For Dogs & Cats
A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Theresa T.
Florida, USA

The quality of the ingredients is top notch

Wish I could find a product for humans with ingredients like this! My dogs are slowly getting used to the taste. Once we've used it for a month or two, I will upgrade this review to report results.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Jennifer S.
Virginia, USA

Finally! A soft stool solution!

We were having the hardest time with our Cavalier and her constant soft stools. We tried different diets, trips to the vet, medications etc. and nothing would work. I found Pure Digestion and decided to give it a try. After only a couple of days her stool returned to normal and has been ever since (about 6 months ago now). It's not cheap but it works and we now give it to her every day. She's a picky eater when it comes to dog food but she loves this!

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Tori B.
California, USA

My dogs have not had diarrhea since being on this

My dogs have not had diarrhea since being on this. they used to have it off and on, but now my carpets are clean lol. been giving it to them for about 4 months

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Destiny M.
Georgia, USA

Five stars

My dogs love it and I love the heathy organic ingredients

Trisha D.
United States

Great product and great service

My two dogs love the taste of the probiotc and glucosamine! One of my babies has ibd and chronic pancreatitis and can't have any dairy, so this product helps him out a lot without causing any tummy problems. My other baby has arthritis and you can tell a huge difference from when she started these products. I love that there made in the USA!!!

Katherine D.
United States

My kitties & I love it!

My cats get very excited at the scent of their Pure Paw supplement - they'll eat the straight powder! Things on the other end seem improved too! Even after only ~4 weeks of adding it 3x/week there is noticeable change for the better. My gal with stress-induced IBS hasn't had diarrhea since introducing Pure Paw and my gal with chronic constipation & dry stool is now more regular both in frequency & consistency! Very pleased.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
John B.
Wisconsin, USA

Adding these supplements couldn't be easier.

These quality products are exactly what I was looking for. All in one formula and my dog's love it. Keep up the good work because out fur kids need and deserve the best.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Bethany R.
Massachusetts, USA

Pure digestion

Dogs love it, I do add a little pepper to the mix so the turmeric gets absorbed better, even the finicky cats love the taste! Firms up poops and reviews are correct it doesn�t smell as bad! Not so firm where it�s hard as a rock either. It has not helped 1 of my cats that has always had looser stools, unfortunately and I wish it had but having 8 fur kids 7 out of 8 is great. Customer service is definitely top notch and they go out of their way to get to know your pets and any concerns or issues you may have. This will now be a staple in our house!

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Lauren N.
Louisiana, USA

And they box loved the liver flavor mix

This is the only probiotic that soothed with both my lab mix's skin irritations and my malamute's digestion issues. And they box loved the liver flavor mix, it's good stuff.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Natalia W.
Massachusetts, USA

Good Stuff

Our shepherd had really bad diarrhea for weeks. This stuff really works! Don�t expect a miracle right away. Read every email these guys send you. And, Ms. Picky eats her dry food now. All I have to do is to sprinkle this over it;)

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Sasa B.
New Jersey, USA

A must have, especially for renal dogs!

This product is simply excellent and every pet parent should consider using Pure Digestion in their pets diet. We are using it for our renal dog - 12 yo golden retriever and it�s a must in his diet. Balanced home cooked diet and right supplementation are the key! Pure Digestion is packed with obviouslu high quality ingredients that are of great assistance not only to healthy digestion and maintaining optimal immune status but are fundamental to �internal nitrogen trapping� for renal pets where one need to preserve kidney function by lowering not only phosphorus (using calcium in diet) but nitrogen as well, which in returns lowers down both, creatinine levels and BUN levels. Our dog has more energy, is less lethargic since we started to use Pure Digestion, and his BUN and creatinine levels are coming down and maintaining in a normal range! This is an excellent and MUST HAVE supplement for pets!