Pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Soft Gels 500 mg | Salmon Oil Capsules


Our travel friendly 60 count bottle of 500mg pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil capsules! Naturally occurring nutrients within the purest Alaskan Salmon oil from only wild fish to provide the powerful Omega 3 fatty acids and the lesser talked about Omega 7 fatty acids for skin and joint health while supporting the healthy energy use.

✔️Provides clean and biologically available Omega fatty acids and other nutrients

✔️Provides the lipid resources to naturally heal and restore skin, joints and assist in vitality

✔️Healthy ratio of higher Omega 3 fatty acids and lower Omega 6 fatty acids

✔️Healthy for both Cats & Dogs

✔️Addresses damaged skin, joint tissues and vital organs

✔️100% pure oil, no diluents, fillers, preservatives or chemicals

✔️Not chemically altered, natural gelatin soft gel shell blocks fish odor

✔️Serve whole as a treat or simply add to the meal

✔️Alternatively puncture the soft gel to squeeze oil onto food & mix well before serving

✔️No Refrigeration

✔️Convenient 500mg and 1000mg options available

Please know: We are ALWAYS happy to help. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your bottle please send us a message on our Live ChatFacebook Messenger or send us an email to pawlove@bestpawnutrition.com 

We really do care about the pets we serve, and it is our mission to make a paw print in the pet world by bringing quality products back into the market, education to the world about the role of nutrition in the daily life and the power back into the hands of the pet parents out there to make fully informed choices for their fur families. We will keep on barking and yowling day and night to be heard and make a difference to as many pets out there as we can.

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D Lorenzo

Third purchase

My dog loves this. I purchased it for her skin. Seems to help.

Best Paw Nutrition

Awesome!! I'm glad to hear this has helped your pup's skin! Thank you for sharing your experience and for choosing a quality holistic remedy.


Fantastic Product

This is a great product. I initially bought it to help my German Shepherd with his seasonal allergies. It helped calm his itchy skin better than any of the sprays that I was using on him. An extra benefit is that these salmon pills really helped with his mobility. He is nine years old and Was just beginning to have a bit of slowness getting up and down. He has no trouble at all anymore, after using the salmon pills for about 4 weeks. Hes like a puppy again and his itching has disappeared, plus his coat is very shiny. I am not one to use drugs or chemicals for my dog and am always looking for a natural way to treat any issues that come up. The pure Alaskan salmon oil pills fit the bill and he loves the taste of them as well. Fantastic product !

Best Paw Nutrition

That's fantastic!! Thank you so much for sharing your pup's experience with the Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil Gels. I'm very happy to read that not only did his reaction to his allergies lessen, but his mobility has improved! I know personally what it is like to see an older pet start to slow down so it's wonderful to hear this has helped him. Thank you again for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your canine companion.


Dog LOVES these supplements!!!

Its too early to tell a difference in dogs coat but my dogs LOVE these fish oil capsules. My dogs gobble up their supplement and they are crafty trying to steal the other dogs fish oil pill, it takes a few attempts to give each dog their supplement since one dog steals them out of hand almost everytime.

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you for sharing your experience! I'm super happy to hear that your pups love their new supplements!! For most pets, they will not show signs of change until about 4 to 6 weeks of continuous use! However, we do have some pet parents let us know that they have seen changes earlier or later than the average. Thank you for choosing a quality natural remedy for your furred family members.


Happy dogs

I have two dogs with skin problem special in summer time . I got this capsules in October 30 is been almost a month since they start taking it and is amazing. They skin got much better and stop licking theirs pawns. Some Other pills they took before I have to put it on cheese or something this ones are so soft and don't mind as long I put it with their food

Best Paw Nutrition

Yay! Sounds like they are absolutely loving the salmon oil and certainly benefitting! If they love the taste of the oil, to make it easier on you, you might want to check out our liquid pump bottle if that makes things easier for you! We are simply glad to know they are feeling comfortable in their own skin again and happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and opinion with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality natural remedy!


It works

Second time I ordered the product it was the large capsule. I like the smaller one and so does my dog. After first week the itching almost has stopped and Zeus really loves it. He think's it's a treat. Thank you so much.

Best Paw Nutrition

Awesome! And glad to know you have found your preference! It's why we make sure to have both sizes to suit the needs of each pet parent and their pet. It's great to hear Zeus is feeling comfortable in his own skin again and happy. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and opinion with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality natural remedy!

Kristy J Chambers

Shiny pup fur

It helped my dog with his skin and coat. I will be buying these again!

Best Paw Nutrition

That's wonderful! Thank you for letting us and other curious pet parents know! I'm glad your pupperbean is feeling more comfortable in his own skin! I'd also like to thank you for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your furred family member.

Marlene O. Gray

Itching almost completely gone.

Itching has almost completely stopped. Poop is firmer and more regular. And, he loves them. Cannot ask for more. Will be a regular addition to Chewy's diet. Thanks so much.

Best Paw Nutrition

Wow! That's wonderful to hear! We're so glad your boy is enjoying amazing benefits and the taste, too! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and for choosing a quality holistic remedy!


Just opened our 2nd bottle

Our dogs love these capsules. They eat them like a treat every morning! Everyone comments on how soft and silky their coats are. Love this product and company.

Best Paw Nutrition

That's wonderful to hear! We're glad that your dogs are enjoying the taste and benefits in equal measure, and have a coat they can make the whole neighborhood jealous with! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, for your kind words, and for choosing a quality holistic remedy!

Jennifer H.


I am AMAZED at how these pills have helped my three dogs! I have three dogs- two Border Collies and an Anatolian Shepherd. Our male Border Collie has terrible skin allergies from spring time until winter rolls around. He is constantly scratching himself every few minutes. Since starting these pills he has almost stopped itching completely! This poor boy has suffered for almost 4 years with this and we have had him on every pill and shot there is available. Our Anatolian Shepherd has been on anti fungal meds for 6 months and her coat had gotten course and brittle. I alternate these salmon oil pills with a teaspoon of coconut oil in their food. Their coats are now silky and soft. My Border Collies eat the pills like they are candy! My Anatolian Shepherd is an extremely finicky eater so I have to hand force the pill down her throat but she is used to that with all the meds she has to take. So glad I decided to try these. We will not be without them!!

Best Paw Nutrition

Wow! Just wow, thank you so much for sharing your story of your 3 pupperbeans! It's amazing that your boy did a complete 180 when nothing else worked and this truely is a factor that his problem was from a nutritional deficiency! I love that you alternate the coconut oil and salmon oil, it brings variety into all of their lives and variety is a key to vitality. In regards to your choosy girl, I think we have a solution for her! If she doesn't mind the oil itself, our salmon oil comes in a pump bottle! Just squirt onto their food, give it a mix or a swirl in the bowl and bam, easy peasy and the whole bit about squeezing lemons. If you'd like to chat about your pack of snuggle buddies feel free to send a message to contact@purepawnutrition.com asking for Alex (That's me!) I am more than happy to chat with you about your holistic journey with your pups and help identify some other places for holistic solutions. Thank you again for giving us a try, trusting in our brand, and for choosing a quality natural remedy!


Works well

It's fish oil. Works well. Dog slike the taste.

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you for sharing your experience and opinion! Salmon oil does wonders for the body and I am glad your pup loves them! Thank you for choosing a quality natural remedy!


They love these!

These are small enough to feed to my kitties as treats. They love these!

Best Paw Nutrition

That's amazing! We're happy to hear your fur-family is enjoying the taste along with the benefits! Thank you so much for giving us a chance, and for choosing a quality holistic remedy.

Margaret A. Page

Good product

Helping my pug

Best Paw Nutrition

That's wonderful to hear! We're glad your adorable pug has seen improvements! Thank you so much for sharing your experience, and for choosing a quality holistic remedy.

JoAnne Young

Helps with dry flakey skin!

My dogs Love the soft chews! They think they are getting a treat and I know they are getting nutrition with there treat! It really helps make their coat shiny and my older dog has flakey skin and this helps to clear it up!

Best Paw Nutrition

That's wonderful! We're happy to hear they love the taste and have a coat they can be proud of! Plus, it's wonderful that your older dog feels more comfortable in their own skin! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for choosing a quality holistic remedy!

Joy A. Pierce

Pets love it!!!

My dog absolutely loves the Alaskan Salmon oil, and been giving a small amount to my 18 year old cat... he loves it also! Thank you!!!

Best Paw Nutrition

This is great news! Thank you for sharing your amazing experience! Your 18-year-old cat can definitely benefit as well as your dog from our pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil! Thank you so much for choosing a quality natural remedy for your fur-family!

J.M. Avery

My 16 year old dogs skin cleared up!

Today I am getting ready to purchase my second bottle of Pure Wild Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats. I was totally skeptical first that my 16 year old dog would even eat them as treats without a pill pocket and two if it would help his skin. Let me say my dog LOVES them and I just give them to him as a "treat". I started about 3 weeks ago continuously giving them to him daily. I was actually gone for 9 days during this time and instructed my house sitter to give them to him. When I came back I noticed a huge improvement. He is not chewing on his skin, coat and the hot spots have all cleared up. I have tried other oils that my groomer has given me and he will turn up his nose because it is put into his food. But this one is amazing. Oh and the cats are on it too just and they play with them like a toy for a while then chomp them down. I have to keep them away from each other or they steal them from each other to have more.

Best Paw Nutrition

Wow! That is amazing! Isn't it always nice when everyone likes to take their vitamins like a treat? It's awesome to know the salmon oil has helped to clear up the hot spots and give him a coat that the entire neighbourhood can be jealous of! And, it's great that your cats are loving them too, what's better than something that can be a toy AND a treat? Thank you so much for choosing a quality holistic remedy.

Lindsay B

Sampsons favorite

My dog loves these and I get compliments on how shiny his coat is. Additionally this winter he was not nearly as itchy as years past. I used this along with the salmon oil in the pump from this same company. He always needs a food topper and this is one I dont feel guilty about. Also for reference he is small, about 18 pounds and 12 years old.

Best Paw Nutrition

It's wonderful that your dog has taken to them, and even better that he's feeling more comfortable in his own skin! It's great to know he's using both versions. One for on the go, and as a treat, and the other as a delicious food-gravy! Thank you so much for sharing your experience and his, and for choosing a quality natural remedy that you can rely on!

Teresa Sandercox

Multipurpose remedy

Works great for my Golden Retriever and American Eskimo. Healthy, beaitiful, soft coats. Helps with hot spots and joint discomfort.

Best Paw Nutrition

Wow! So happy that both your pups are looking and feeling great, making all the neighborhood dogs jealous of their luscious coats! Happy to know the salmon oil is bringing out their natural beauty! Thank you for choosing a quality, natural remedy.

Kevin T.

Seems to be helping!

I use these daily by slipping it into the pill pouch treats. My dogs dry skin / dander have been eliminated and her coat looks better.

Best Paw Nutrition

This is everything that we hoped for, for your girl! Nourishing the skin from the inside out, it's amazing what a little healthy fat can do for health in a world so deprived of them with the "low fat" craze in pet foods for healthy pets! Thank you for choosing a quality natural remedy for your precious girl!

Rick W

Human Grade

My girlfriend was so jealous of the vast improvement in my dogs hair from the liquid salmon oil I bought the gel caps for her. Too soon to expect results. But my dogs love the oil and salmon treats.

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you for letting us know! More than happy to know your own pups are doing fantastic and we know your girlfriend's dog will soon be sporting a better coat soon. We are always here to help if ever she has any questions! Thank you for choosing to share and spread awareness of quality holistic and natural remedies!


My dog thinks they are a treat!

Started using this to help with my pup Apollos itching from allergies. He definitely chews less now that he takes these daily. He loves them! Eats them just like a treat. Another added bonus, I told our vet that we had started him on this supplement and she says it will help his heart health also!

Best Paw Nutrition

Wow, for Apollo to consider it as treats, he must really love it. Thank you. Yes, the Pure Alaskan Salmon Soft gels not only helps with itching with its essential fatty acids. The omega in this holistic product is very good with the heart. The good thing about it is it is all-natural and made from wild-caught Salmon from the waters of Alaska. We are so happy for Apollo. Do keep us updated on his progress!