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Organic Hemp + Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

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Best Paw Nutrition's Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil for Dogs & Cats works to help relax your furry friend with a natural and safe remedy.

Hemp & Salmon Oil may help pet’s with their anxiety, fear, skin & coat! Do what’s right for your fur family and give them a professionally formulated supplement to assist them with quality relaxation and the well-being that they deserve.


1.EASY TO ADMINISTER - You need not worry about facing a difficult time in feeding your dog or cat with our Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil. All you need to do is pour some drops over your pet’s food all is set.

2.SUPPORTS SKIN HEALTH - Are your pets suffering from dry, itchy, or irritated skin? If yes, then not to worry as this nourishing formula contains rich Omega fatty acids to give your pets skin a healthier appearance.

3.100% ORGANIC - Gluten-free dietary supplement is completely safe for dogs and cats of different breeds and sizes.You can rest assured that our supplements are FREE from fillers, additives, preservatives and harmful chemicals that may affect your pet’s health or cause allergies.

4.HEART & IMMUNE SUPPORT - The Omega-3 content in this blend may support the heart and immune system to promote overall wellness and vitality for your furry friend.

5.STIMULATES THE APPETITE - Does your furry friend seem like it has lost all interest in eating? Our hemp oil formula naturally restores your canine or feline friend’s appetite while providing relief from digestive discomforts, such as nausea, bloating and gas. Given its appetite-stimulating effects, this supplement is perfect for senior dogs and cats as they require complete nutrition from the food they eat in order to stay healthy at all times.

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Mariana L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Beautiful shiny fur!

I’ve been ordering Pure Hemp and Salmon Oil for my two beauties they had been having a lot of white, flaky dandruff. As thy are both black cats, the flakes were very noticeable. With one squirt of h map and salmon oil in their food each morning, both have beautiful, shiny coats! And they love it!

Best Paw Nutrition Organic Hemp + Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Review
Mariana L.
United States United States
I recommend this product
This stuff is great!

Great product! My cats, (2) have had a terrible problem with dandruff! I’ve tried coconut oil, to no avail. When I started giving them a half a squirt of Best Paw Hemp and Salmon oil in their food, their coats are now shiny, no more flakes! Good company to deal with, my oil came without delay, and they will auto ship so I will never run out again!

Best Paw Nutrition Organic Hemp + Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Review
Sharon L.
Canada Canada
I recommend this product

I bought this 8 oz bottle of PURE HEMP & SALMON OIL on and I love this product, it's really fabulous. It's really helping one of my cats who used to groom herself and bite herself all day long, whenever she wasn't sleeping. After giving her one squirt of this daily mixed in her canned food, she started relaxing and behaving like a normal cat. I want to reorder this product but now can't find it on or I'm very upset about this because your products are amazing and my cat has been helped so much that I want to continue with this particular oil and get the largest size available. I've also been using your PURE DIGESTION PROBIOTIC BLEND as well your GLUCOSAMINE PURE JOINT REJUVENATION and feel that I've finally found the right products for my pets after a lot of expensive trials and failures. Thank you for making such quality pet products, they really do deserve the best.

Best Paw Nutrition

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to share with other curious pet parents! I'm thrilled to hear that you've been loving this supplement and that it's been helping your feline friend feel more relaxed and content! And it's wonderful to hear that you're also offering the Pure Digestion and Glucosamine as well which just provide even more awesome health benefits! Although I can see that you are not happy that you can't find our Pure Hemp & Salmon Oil blend and I 100% can understand. I'd love to offer some assistance so I'll be sending you an email titled "A Response To Your Hemp & Salmon Review! - Best Paw Nutrition" If you do not see this in your inbox or spam box within the next few days, please reach out to us at Again, I'd love to offer some help!