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Premium Dream Glucosamine Bacon Flavored | Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats

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The 32-ounce bottle of our exclusive formula to Best Paw Nutrition with the vital nutrients to tackle existing inflammation and restore soft tissues in the body such as the ones for joints! The core joint formula provides nutrients to the body just like food does to give the body the resources to work with.

This is why it takes 4-6 weeks of consistent use at the weight recommended serving size for any changes to begin to be seen. Always start your pet with half their weight range serving for the first 7 days to give them time to adjust to the new nutrients coming in.

✔️Provides Glucosamine, Chondroitin, HA, and MSM the critical ingredient combination for soft tissues

✔️Provides the resources to naturally heal and restore soft tissues such as cartilage, ligaments, tendons, and joint lubricants

✔️Provides extra nutrients to lower existing inflammation for the entire body

✔️Best liquid glucosamine for dogs & cats

✔️Convenient liquid pump bottle

✔️BPA-free pump and bottle 

✔️No refrigeration 

✔️Natural plant-based bacon flavoring, based in purified spring water

Please know: We are ALWAYS happy to help. If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your bottle please send us a message on our Live Chat, Facebook Messenger or send us an email to 

We really do care about the pets we serve, and it is our mission to make a paw print in the pet world by bringing quality products back into the market, education to the world about the role of nutrition in the daily life and the power back into the hands of the pet parents out there to make fully informed choices for their fur families. We will keep on barking and yowling day and night to be heard and make a difference to as many pets out there as we can.

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United States United States
I recommend this product
Happy with product

Product was high quality and shipping was fast. Dogs loved it too! Will definitely buy again.

United States United States
I recommend this product
Excellent product!

The store was very professional. Shipping was fast and product is good quality. My dog really enjoyed the product and appears to be in much better shape. Overall I am very satisfied with Best Paw.

madeline m.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great taste and keeps them jumping and sprinting!

My 8 year old cat and 11 year old dog like the taste of this supplement. Most of all they are active, and spry. I just caught my cat jumping onto the ledge of my bathroom window (above the toilet) in order to eat the plant there. Clearly the supplement has his joints feeling amazing. My vet tells me all the time that my dog does not behave like a senior and is so active and energetic and runs so fast. I will continue to buy this supplement.

John W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Part of my pups' nutrition regimen

I've become convinced over the years that real nutrition is vital not only to their health and a longer life but also to their well-being and happiness. Max will be 12 soon and still jumps around with her new sibling, Jake, 5. I've long since abandoned the kibble world and focused on raw food and good nutritional supplements. This glucosamine is an integral part of that regimen and always will be, especially as they age.

Sheila B.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Great Supplement

So far, seems to be working great and would recommend as a supplemental product.

Rick W.
United States United States
I recommend this product
Premium Dream Glucosamine Bacon Flavored | Liquid Glucosamine

I have been using this great product for over a year for my 2 senior large rescue dogs. It has dramatically helped both seniors. Very important is they also love it mixed in their food!

Rolando C.
United States
I recommend this product
Keeping them fleet on their feet!

I'm on my second bottle of Pure Paw Glucosamine for my 12lb terrier and my 80lb Staffie mix. The 32oz bottle lasts us about 3 months. They like the bacon flavor and eat it right up! My big dog broke his leg when he was 2, and I was worried about future mobility problems, so I started him on this at 3-1/2. So far, he can run full speed after his Chuck-it ball with no signs of discomfort, and he's got more endurance than before!

Best Paw Nutrition Premium Dream Glucosamine Bacon Flavored | Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats Review
maxine b.
United States
I recommend this product
Cat scratching reduced

My cat was scratching a good bit and he also had a thin "stripe" down his back where his hair was missing. After using the salmon oil for several weeks I noticed an improvement in his coat and scratching. My elder dog also takes it and I can see her coat looks better.

Malanie W.
She loved it

I have the pickiest Chihuahua, but she loved the bacon flavor glucosamine. I am a big fan of this company, they are super helpful in finding the product right for your pet. This is exactly what my 14 year old girl needed to keep the pep in her step. Just try it, the results will speak for itself!

Best Paw Nutrition

Yay! The first step is loving the flavor, the next is reaping the benefits! It's awesome to hear she is in love with her bacon gravy and doing so well on it! Thank you so much for sharing yours and her experience and for choosing a quality natural remedy!

Madeline M.
United States
They still love this Supplement!

My fur babies (3 cats and 1 dog) have been taking this supplement for about 5 months now. They are active, agile and their coats look very shiny and healthy. Most importantly, they haven't tired of the taste and its easy to have them eat it on their kibble daily. I will keep purchasing.

Georgia H.
United States
It Works!

Our fur baby Duke loves the taste of this product and seems to have a lot less aches and pains since he started taking it.

Madeline M.
United States
This is liquid gold!

My 3 cats and 1dog have been taking this supplement since June. My cat has gained weight and is back to bring healthy from her hyperthyroidism. My "senior" dog is running up and down 3 flights of stairs with no issues. They love the taste too. I will continue to buy this supplement.

Lynne F.
United States
Great product

My vet suggested I start my 8year old Frenchie on this for her joints. I find it so easy to use...,no pills to fight with and try and get her to swallow...just squirt directly in either her kibble. So easy, she loves the taste. Thank you I will be signing up for your Auto delivery. Thank you!

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Alyssa J.
Georgia, USA
Wonderful product for hip dysplasia!

After trying many products similar to this one and having no success whatsoever, someone recommended Pure Paw to me. I was a bit hesitant at first because the dog this is for has been known to be picky when something is added to her food. She loves the bacon flavor thankfully. Unlike everything else I have tried, Pure Paw has actually helped Lina. She is a Min Pin and has hip dysplasia. She is not a surgical candidate, so her pain has been managed with prescriptions. Once I started her on Pure Paw, I was able to stop the prescription pain medication. She acts like a perfectly happy dog now and rarely ever yelps. I could not recommend this product highly enough. I also mentioned it to a friend with a 11 year old Standard Poodle. She said she thought it was nearing time for that pup to be euthanized, but now that she's added this into her food, she's moving like a puppy again.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
J R.
Worth it!

We feed this to two, almost 11 year old, Border Collies! Many people are amazed when they learn their ages. We used to fed a mere Glucosamine-type of pill in their food and they ate around it or spit it out. Our dogs accept this bacon-flavored liquid much more readily and it is easier for us than grinding out pills to try and get them to get Glucosamine in their diet. The overall ingredients are great - and made in the USA! Definitely will continue to feed to our dogs!

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Michael E.
California, USA
My dog is so much better

My dog buddy was having a lot of trouble getting around because of his Advanced age I wanted to try your product to hopefully it would get him better and surprisingly it has he has improved a lot since I first got your product and I want to thank you for giving me a chance to try your premium product

Lynn K.
United States
Great product and one I can finally use for all six dogs and they love it.

Good experience.

John W.
United States
Spreading the wealth

Max is almost 11 now and has been using the Glucosamine product for several years now. I'm now starting Jake, my rescued Bulldog/Lab mix, on it as well. I've had Jake for only about 3 weeks now and he's in the middle of the heartworm treatment protocol; but, since he's 4 years old and I found him as a stray, I wanted to start the Glucosamine immediately. Otherwise, he's healthy and has an absolutely wonderful personality (like Max). I'm SO LUCKY. Once he's free of heartworms, I'll transition to other products as well.

Best Paw Nutrition Premium Dream Glucosamine Bacon Flavored | Liquid Glucosamine For Dogs & Cats Review
A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Leshia H.
Florida, USA
Five stars

dogs like it in their food.

A Best Paw Nutrition Customer
Carolyn T.
Nevada, USA
Three paws up

My 3 dogs love this stuff. Been ordering this for a while now. They don’t mind the flavor if they are licking it all up!