Pure Cod Skin Treat Disks 204 g | Best Dental Treats For Dogs

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Air-Dried Pure Cod Skin Treats  

Pure crunchy treat bliss for strong jaws and healthy teeth. From 100% wild Icelandic cod, these treats utilize cod skin, which provides healthy protein, omega fatty acids and trace nutrients, which are in a biologically available form for our furry carnivores. 

Popular Uses for Pure Cod Skin Treats  

  • Best crunchy dental treats for small to large breed dogs for pets under eight pounds, please see our Pure Fish & Lobster Treats  
  • Perfect for dogs or cats with sensitive stomachs or meat intolerances 
  • Best dog training treats and healthy reward snacks
  • Low carbs make this diabetic dog treat a healthy choice for diabetics 
  • Supports healthy weight-loss diets and helps keep dogs fit and lean 

Product Information

  • 100% natural, human-grade and carefully graded for the best quality
  • Contains high levels of Omega 3, EPA & DHA for joints, skin, and coat
  • Air dried to lock in all the nutrients of the wild cod fish 
  • Smells like fish! Only one wholesome ingredient, fish, with nothing added to alter the taste or scent 
  • 100% pure, no diluents, binding agents, fillers, additives, preservatives or chemicals
  • Wild-caught esthetically sourced from sustainable fishing grounds, never farmed 
  • Contained in environmentally friendly, BPA free, recyclable or reusable jars 
Product Care & Serving Instructions 
  • Best before date is approximately 2 years from production date
  • Serve guilt-free and reward good behavior, whole or break into pieces 
  • For extra moisture add a little bone broth or water, mix well, serve 
  • Despite no preservatives, there is no need for refrigeration 
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or sunlight


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