8oz Organic Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil Relieves Allergies & Itchy Skin for a Soft Coat & Healthy Heart

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100% WILD-CAUGHT SALMON: Levels of critical Omega-3 fats may be reduced by 50% in farmed salmon, compared to wild salmon because of the unnatural diets farmed fish are fed to fatten them up. In addition, farmed fish and are vaccinated to control the high rate of disease that spreads. Pure Paw's Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil is 100% wild, certified sustainable, toxin and GMO-free. Its deep rich color and natural fish-scent are due to the salmon’s organic diet and natural environment. Only the purest for your fur baby!     

SAVE $183 PER VET VISIT: Unfortunately, many pets today suffer from skin conditions. In fact, it's the number one reason dogs are taken to the vet. Is your fur baby constantly itching and scratching? Rubbing his face? Licking his paws? If your answer is yes, chances are he needs Pure Atlantic Salmon Oil which is one of the best supplements to improve a dog's skin and relieve annoying uncomfortable itchy spots. Let us keep your pooch’s skin and coat radiant and keep you out of the vet clinic.

NATURALLY, REDUCES INFLAMMATION: Conditions such as arthritis, allergies, and inflammatory disease can make your pooch uncomfortable. Pure Paw’s salmon oil has a higher ratio of DHA to EPA, which guarantees the reduction in protein molecules that are responsible for causing inflammatory responses. Your canine may experience this as pain, swelling or soreness.  Allow us to relieve this discomfort so you can enjoy playtime together again.

LUXURY BOTTLE WITH NO MESS PUMP: Our new luxury bottles are translucent. No more guessing how much liquid fish oil is left. They are sourced in the USA and are BPA free, Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. This 8oz bottle is accompanied with a sealed lid to avoid leakage in transport accompanied with a superior pump for an easy no mess dispense. No finicky measuring utensil required.    


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