Pure Cod Skin Dog Treats Reward Snacks Rich in EPA & DHA for Brain, Heart, Skin, Coat & Oral Health

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PET PARENT, BE AWARE OF DOG TREAT INGREDIENTS: Have you ever looked at the ingredients in your dogs treats? Too often, you will notice a list of fillers, additives, and preservatives. What if you could give your best friend a clean, lean heart-healthy snack that contained just one ingredient derived from Mother Nature? Pure Paw Nutritions Pure Cod Skin Treats are just that, 100% pure from the pristine waters of Iceland.

ORGANIC DOG TREATS: Your dog thinks he is getting a treat while you are giving him nutrient-rich, protein packed snacks. With omegas EPA & DHA that support a healthy brain, heart, skin, & coat. We know you have been looking for human grade dog treats. You just havent been able to find them. Thats because they are as rare as a colored diamond.

PAMPER AND SPOIL WITH COD SKIN HEALTHY DOG TREATS: Pamper your royal pooch. He deserves the best that we can give him. Now your K9 can enjoy a reward treat without guilt. These treats are lean, protein-rich and pure. Free of carbohydrates and loaded with nutrients, you can serve these delectable crunchy snacks unlimited!