32oz Liquid Glucosamine Premium Natural Flavor with Vitamins & Minerals for Joint Health & Ant-Aging

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JOINT CARE, WE DIDN'T STOP THERE: Immunity and overall health is Pure Paw Nutrition's goal for your furry BFF. This premium blend now contains Vitamin C, B Complex, and Coq10 to reach your faithful companion's health at a cellular level. Use in combination with Pure Atlantic Salmon Oil for a powerhouse liquid cocktail that promotes healthy skin, coat, heart and relieves allergy symptoms and dry, itchy spots.

THE POWER OF CoQ10: We want your dog to feel young and full of vitality. He deserves a healthy appetite and energy to play. Coenzyme Q10 is essential to help support energy, growth, healthy immune system, cardiovascular health and healthy gums. This antioxidant also boosts the antioxidant, vitamin C assisting to reduce susceptibility to illnesses. This is one of our favorite additions to this new premium formula.   

ANTI-AGING AND JOINT HEALTH FOR DOGS: Well, we may not be able to remove the wrinkles from your Pug, but we can aid in improving synovial fluid for your pet. Hyaluronic Acid is a major component in synovial fluid and has been found to increase the viscosity of the fluid itself, literally turning back the clock on your dog’s joints, allowing them to feel and play like they did in their youth.

NO REFRIGERATION NEEDED: It gets even better. Was storing your liquid vitamins in the fridge an annoyance? Now you don’t have to.  You will love this new premium formula. Now it's simple to store at room temperature. 


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