Pure Paw helped clear my pup's skin allergy!!

My 8 year old black lab developed a skin allergy out of nowhere. He never had skin problems his whole life. He had crusty scabs all over his belly, chest, and armpits. His armpits would really bother him, and he would lick and itch until they were raw and red. The vet prescribed allergy meds, but once they ran out his skin would relapse. So in order to heal him I began with his diet. I thought I would try a probiotic to help the good bacteria in his gut fight whatever infection or allergy he was experiencing. It took a few weeks maybe close to a month, but his skin began to improve. It's been about 3 months, on our second 32 oz container of Pure Paw and his skin is totally cleared up and his fur has filled in! He is back to normal! To ensure his health and keep him feeling good I will definitely continue to use Pure Paw! I highly recommend this product!
~P. Herbein
Pure Digestion Probiotics

Annie is definitely itching less and her coat is shiny and healthy.

I wanted to give this product some time before reviewing. It's now been almost 2 months and my dog, Annie is definitely itching less and her coat is shiny and healthy. Having a lab with skin issues including severe allergies, it's difficult to find something that will actually help. I just put three pills in her food each morning and she gobbles them up. I am so excited to try the other products this company offers!
~C. Ellis
Pure Salmon Soft Gels

He receives lots of compliments about how beautiful his coat looks.

Our dog has greatly benefited from this product. He receives lots of compliments about how beautiful his coat looks. Before giving him this salmon oil his coat was dull and lifeless. He really enjoys the flavor of it, too. For his evening meal we give him the oil along with the Pur Paw Digestive. This combination has helped his skin. He used to have a problem with scratching. The vet suggested medications like Zyrtec however I wanted to find a way to fix this without the drug. The Zyrtec changed his personality. Our playful friend became sleepy and uninterested in life. He is completely off of the Zyrtec and he is back to his fun filled ways. I'm so thankful for Pure Paw. Their customer service is excellent and their products are high quality.
~J. Dambacher
Pure Alaskan Salmon Oil

Best for fur babies

My cat and my dog both love this addition to their breakfast -- And it makes me feel like a good pet momma to give it to them :) I want my fur babies around for as long as possible so why wouldn't I give them the best care possible?
~A. Sullivan
Pure Digestion Probiotics

Vinny Is back in action and drug free!

I have had my Pit Bull on Carprofen for 3 or 4 years. He has had surgery for a torn ACL on both of his back legs and now that he is 11 I was told he was a good candidate for hip replacement surgery but I couldn't put him through that. I just had his blood work done and his liver enzymes did not look good so the vet suggested to take him off Carprofen to see if they get better and retest in a week. I took him off Carprofen but I also started giving him Pure Paws liquid Glucosamine along with their Alaskan Salmon oil and some Milk Thistle. I waited 2 weeks to retest and his liver enzymes came back normal. It is most likely due to getting him off Carprofen but the Glucosamine is keeping him able to walk without pain and no increased stiffness. Its only been 3 weeks now but it's piece of mind to know he most likely will not have to go back on a damaging pill to keep him walking. It may be my imagination but I swear he acts like he feels better.
~K. Mueller
Dog Dream Glucosamine Original Blend

The best that I have purchased yet!

Used this for my 11 year old cat. She waddles like a raccoon she is so large and stoked up with arthritis. I fed her this in her food and within 3 days I started seeing a difference in how she walked and she started coming out into the living room and socializing with the family. She is a totally different cat. She seems to be more content and was even playful a few nights. I will keep her on this for the rest of her days because I love her and am happy to see a side of her that I haven't seen in a few years. Thanks for the great product!!
~S. Dillon
Dog & Cat Dream Glucosamine Bacon Flavor

My boys love them!

My boys love them. Jack (terrier) took a few tries to get into them (I think because of the size), but now they both crunch happily away. I give it to them out on the porch as it does flake a little as they crunch. They lick the flakes up as well! I feel so good knowing what I'm giving them is great quality with no harmful chemicals. I highly recommend.
~D. Cates
Pure Cod Skin Treats

They are like doggie crack or something

One of my dog hates them, wouldn't eat it if it was the last treat on earth. That being said she is extremely picky and snubs her nose at most treats, espe stinky ones that are good for her. Lol, It literally took the girl at the pet store giving her four different treats before she finally ate one. (Just for reference)
My other dog is OBSESSED. They are like doggie crack or something, but human grade, and actually good for him!!!! He cannot get enough of these things, and I don't feel bad giving him 3-4 a day. I personally think he has far better taste than my other dog, as he often shares my fruits and vegetables with me as well. Will definitely buy again, stink and all :)
~A. Phillips
Pure Fish & Lobster Treats

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