Shipping & Return Policy

We Pride Ourselves on Getting Things Right  



This doesn’t mean we are always perfect, or that all pets’ palates are the same, or that all pets will have the same experience with our products, but when something is not to your furry family member's satisfaction we want you to be assured we have your snugglebuddiy’s best interest at heart and your investment covered. 






That is why Pure Paw Nutrition teamed with It was a must with our Pure Paw satisfaction guarantee, essentially a simple guarantee that, if your fur baby is not satisfied with our products or service, simply return it to Amazon for a full refund! How easy is that? We wanted the best purchasing experience for our pet parents.  Easy to contact us, easy to order, easy to ship, easy to return. How else could we make giving the gift of health and longevity to your pet the easiest, fastest, the most cost-effective process possible.

FREE shipping on all orders over $20.99! 

All replacements, returns and refunds are fulfilled by Amazon, but we are here to help and we would love to hear from you. We would be happy to assist you should you request a replacement or refund. If you have any questions or concerns, simply contact us and we will do whatever it takes to resolve the issue so you and your loved one can be happy and playful again. 

Should you have any suggestions or comments, no matter what it is, the good, the bad or the furry. We love to hear it all! In fact, that is how our future products are being developed.  We receive emails with requests from our customers to make improvements on our products. They also express certain needs and wants for other products that they only want from a seller they trust, Pure Paw Nutrition. We don’t believe we should offer what we “think” you want. Instead, we have listened to what our customers desire for their cherished pal and then turn it into a reality. We are always here and are always reachable. Without your trust and open suggestions we could not exist to help change the pet world together for the better. 

Delivery and Delays

Delivery is usually fast and on time from, but isn't always perfect. Unfortunately, they don’t allow us to track your purchase or request a new on your behalf. It’s very simple to track and replace your item if you feel it is delayed. Simply click here to track your item. 

Reviews for Assurance 

One big reason we teamed up with is with Amazon, you have the ability to read other pet parents’ reviews before you even buy. 

Our reviews are authentic and powerful. They are from people just like you trying to do the best for their pet using natural and holistic remedies. It touches our heart every time we read them. You can also take a peek at our 5-star feedback so you can be sure that you are getting the service you deserve.