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At Best Paw Nutrition, we believe there is no better way to show your loyal companion unconditional love than by nurturing and nourishing your pet’s body from the inside out.
We are obsessively passionate about nutrition for our fur friends, whom we call family. So much so, that we do ferocious research and product testing while working with holistic veterinarians, and formulators to bring you the best nutritional regimes for all your pet’s health needs.  
The power of holistic remedies and a wholesome diet will persevere health problems caused by aging or day to day outside factors that impact health and longevity.  From canines to felines, we have your best friend’s best interest at heart.  


Our Team

This is Emily here, and I am the grateful owner of Best Paw Nutrition and mother to my precious Felipe. A few years ago, Jeff and I had a cat named Responsibility. She fell very ill and we were desperate to treat her symptoms and bring her back to her youthful, lively self. After many visits to the vet and expensive prescriptions, we felt hopeless. Her symptoms were not improving and the side effects of the drugs were too heartbreaking to witness. We decided to take matters into our own hands and treat her with what we believe in, holistic remedies. When we saw the amazing transformation in her health, we knew we had to do something to help the entire pet world. I went to work diligently with holistic vets and formulators and made the vision of premium, all natural pet nutrition a reality. Now available not only to my pets but to anyone else who has the same beliefs and goals as we do. I hope you will find as much success on your journey with Best Paw Nutrition as thousands of other pet parents, we are so blessed to have you join us.

Hi, I'm Jeff, Emily's partner AKA, her assistant ;) When Emily decided so ferociously to take matters into our own hands and became so obsessed and passionate about spreading the word about the power of holistic remedies, I felt an overwhelming need to jump aboard. My cat literally transformed at almost 20 years old and was able to live her last months with us comfortable and happy due to the diet switch and natural remedies we formulated and gave her. I am now a proud father to our pup, Felipe. I love making his raw and homemade meals and I feel at peace knowing he is getting all of the nutritional and supplement support he needs to live a long and healthy life. I believe in being proactive and giving him all the love and nourishment that's necessary for his growth and development so he will be with us for a very long and happy time. I am so thankful I can be apart of sharing these lifestyle choices with you. Welcome to the journey and welcome to the Best Paw Family!

Hi, my name is Rey and I am the customer support specialist of Pure Paw Nutrition. I have 3 shih tzu’s and 2 Siamese cats whom I love dearly. It fulfills me that every day I come to work knowing that I am making a difference for real fur angels. I sincerely believe in Best Paw Nutrition’s vision of all-natural and holistic nutrition for pets. As customer support specialist, I oversee answering your queries to the best of my ability via live chat or email. I am also in charge of manning our Facebook and the Wall of Fame guy who builds your features! I am also the one who sends you emails for your incredible reviews and feedback asking you to share your experience with other pet owners because you and your fur babies are and will always be our top priority.

I am James Darril Manalo, and I am currently pursuing Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy at Our Lady of Fatima University and currently on my 4th year of study. I am currently working as Best Paw Nutrition's Customer Care and Amazon Specialist. I’ve been part of the company for more than 1 year now and still counting. I am capable of resolving anything for you and can handle everything at my absolute best. During spare time, I really love to play with my 4 cutie puppies Jillian, Honey, Chloe & Mavi. With my dedication in life and being part of Best Paw Nutrition, I surely have your pet’s best interest at heart.

My name is Alex and I love bringing knowledge of how nutrition relates to health for pets. It is my mission to be there for pets in need and more than willing to share what I know about food, treats, and even holistic pet care. Furthermore, I also have some experience with other customer service tasks and often lend a hand where I can. I have three pets, a male black Labrador afflicted with EIC named Brukor, a male tabby domestic shorthair polydactyl cat afflicted with CKD named Clancy Fancy Feet (Clancy) and a male dark-chocolate domestic shorthair who is prone to bladder crystals named Silas. All three need a true carnivore diet to combat their health situations and are truly thriving since the dietary change from kibble to their meaty mix. I look forward to helping you and sharing my nutritional tips and secrets how I keep my pets happy and healthy despite their genetic health issues.

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