Mission Statement

To inspire all pet parents to choose natural, holistic and Eco friendly remedies for your fur baby’s health. Join us today and change the pet world together for the better.

Our longevity pet products have gone through intense and meticulous sourcing to ensure the highest quality of upperclass products for your pet.We have sourced each component of our products from beginning to end within the USA, including our luxury, Eco friendly  bottles.  We want you to feel safe when you invest in any holistic care commodity for your furry loved one.



We Believe 

 We believe consumables of any kind must be manufactured from beginning to end in North America.

We believe your furry family member is the most important factor to our success.

We believe we must always be reachable. We want to hear all of your questions, concerns and recommendations. We would love for you to be a part of bringing the next helpful pet product to market.

We believe in longevity for pets. Living a happy, active, longer and fulfilled life is every creatures born right.

We believe there is no cure for joint diseases, but with our holistic home remedies there awaits a life of comfort and playfulness.

We believe your pet deserves the purest ingredients. We do not believe in exposing any of our pet consumers to BPA, grain, wheat, gluten, corn, fillers, artificial flavors, additives or preservatives.

We believe product development should come from what you, the pet parent, wants and needs. Our products are made from pet parents’ requests. We offer what you tell us you want not what we think you want.

We believe in our pet parents that want to grow and spread the holistic word. We feel their love for animals and the urgency to educate those around them. Thank you for making a difference. We are changing the pet world together forever.

Helping your fur baby live a happier, healthier and more active lifestyle.