Freeze Dried Wild Alaskan Salmon Treats | Freeze Dried Cat Treats


Delicious Freeze-Dried Pure Salmon Treats   

Soft, delectable treats made only from pure wild Alaskan Salmon, which are sustainably harvested from the open ocean in the clean waters off the coast of Alaska. We only use harvesting methods that are environmentally friendly and other species friendly too! Your pet will do flips for these nutrient-packed delights! 

Popular Uses for Pure Salmon Treats 

  • Soft, dry treats for pets who have small jaws or trouble chewing
  • Perfect for dogs or cats with sensitive stomachs or meat intolerances 
  • Best dog training treats and healthy puppy reward snacks
  • No carbs make this diabetic dog treat a healthy choice for diabetics 
  • Cats and dogs who love salmon and want to enjoy healthy skin and coat

Product Information

  • No binding agents mean crumbs and powder of pure salmon for tasty food toppers left at the bottom of the bag
  • Part of a healthy weight loss and physically fit nutritional regime 
  • Freeze-dried whole salmon filets with the skins for extra nourishment  
  • Smells like fish! one ingredient with nothing added to alter the taste or scent 
  • 100% pure salmon, no diluents, fillers, additives, preservatives or chemicals
  • Wild-caught esthetically sourced from sustainable fishing grounds, never farmed 
  • Contained in environmentally friendly, BPA free, recyclable pouches
Product Care & Serving Instructions 
  • Best before date is approximately 2 years from production date
  • Serve guilt-free and reward good behavior, whole or as meal toppers
  • For extra moisture add a little bone broth or water, mix well, serve 
  • Despite no preservatives, there is no need for refrigeration 
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or sunlight

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