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Wild Icelandic Salmon & Tuna Oil Blend 8 oz | Best Fish Oil For Dogs

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Dry Months & Seasonal Allergies Relief 

We, as pet parents, want our pets to have high-quality, nutrient-rich, human-grade, Omega-3 fish oil supplements for our pets. When Tuna met Salmon a revolutionary fish oil blend was innovated. Providing your pet with wild, Icelandic, nature made fish oil. Exclusive, custom EPA to DHA concentration proudly and only available by Best Paw Nutrition. 

Popular Uses for Pure Salmon & Tuna Oil 

  • Mild to moderately dry, flaky itchy skin and paws 
  • Natural home remedy for dandruff and skin conditions
  • Best cat or dog food supplement for seasonal skin allergies 
  • Prevention and solution for excessive shedding in dogs and cats
  • Development for puppies and kittens, cognitive function for seniors

Product Information

  • Clean and biologically available Omega fatty acids and other nutrients
  • Provides the lipid resources to naturally heal and restore skin and joints
  • The healthy ratio of higher Omega 3 fatty acids to lower Omega 6 fatty acids
  • Balanced EPA & DHA of higher proportion than our Pure Alaskan Salmon oil 
  • Natural anti-inflammatory for damaged skin, joint tissues, and vital organs
  • 100% pure oil, no diluents, fillers, preservatives or chemicals
  • Wild-caught esthetically sourced from sustainable fishing grounds, never farmed 
  • Environmentally friendly, BPA free, recyclable or reusable 
Product Care & Serving Instructions 
  • Best before date is approximately 2 years from production date
  • For optimal freshness and potency, serve within 90 days of opening
  • Always serve with nutritious grain-free food, mix well, serve 
  • Due to no preservatives, please refrigerate after opening 
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or sunlight 


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Ken H

A better value than I thought

I always give fish oil to my guys. And I love that this is usable for both my dog and cat so I don't have to get them separate products. The company is super helpful and the oil real makes their coat shine!

Tracey Smalley

Skin health

My kitties are well taken care of & spoiled. That said; I stumbled upon this Omega 3 fish oil, studied it, and decided to give it a shot. To say I've noticed a difference is an understatement. Their skin has improved, their fur is healthier, they are leaving less (gross) 'items' on the floor.....they don't scratch near as much (which wasn't alot to begin with). And my cat with kidney issues seems to feel better too. I will be ordering this again!

T. Conway

High Quality Product

I purchased this to give to both my dog and cat. My wife and I take a fish oil supplement so why shouldn't we give one to the pets? This supplement comes in an easy to use pump bottle and I put a couple of pumps on the food. So far both dog and cat have had no issues. In fact the plates are so clean they look like they have been washed. I expect it will take a while for the full benefits of this supplement to show.

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I'm thrilled to hear that your pets love their new supplement! On average pets will take about 4 to 6 weeks before they will show strong signs of change. However, there are some pets that will take to the supplements quicker, or a bit slower than others! After all, every pet is an individual and like us will react to things differently. Thank you for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your furred family members.

Laurie Hanan


Easy to use pump bottle, an excellent addition to my senior dog's healthy, homemade, raw diet. Since using Pure Paw products, she wants longer and faster walks - and she loves the taste!

Best Paw Nutrition

That's fantastic! First I'm very glad to hear that the pump bottle allows for easier serving! Secondly, I'm thrilled to hear that your pupperbean is on a homemade raw diet and you choose to incorporate this supplement to her diet! I can understand personally what it's like to watch a beloved pet age. So hearing that your pup has been feeling more comfortable and willing to move is wonderful! Thank you for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your elderly canine companion.

Angela Moran

Helped joints for one dog and skin issues for another

I recently added Best Paws Omega 3 Fish Oil to two of my dogs diets for different reasons. My oldest, Jackson, a 9 year old daschund mix has arthritis in his hind legs/hips and was to the point of needing stairs to get up on the sofa if we weren?t available to pick him up. I?m thrilled to report Jackson is jumping up and down from the sofa on his own as well as running and playing with our 1 year old puppy. My second oldest, Micah, a 8 year old Bassett hound daschund mix had dry skin and would bite at her paws. She?s been on the oil for a month and is no longer biting at her paws, scratching, and I don?t anymore dry, flaky skin. I love that this product is human grade and natural so I feel confident feeding it to my fur kids plus they get excited when I add it to their food so I think it?s safe to say they love the taste.

Best Paw Nutrition

Fantastic news! This is exactly what we love to hear when Pawrents report in to let us know how everything is going! Thank you so much for sharing with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality holistic remedy.

Tori Beachem

Less paw chewing.

My little pupper chews her paws frequently and after giving her this for a week I haven't noticed her chewing her paws!

Best Paw Nutrition

WOAH! That is amazing to know she has found relief so soon! Most pets only begin to show any changes 4-6 weeks of consistent use at their full weight dose. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and opinion with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality natural remedy!

Rick W

Omega Fish oil Plus

Love the fish oils from this company. More important my dogs love them and I alternate so they get all the benefits. They are white dogs and their hair and skin have never been this healthy!

Best Paw Nutrition

Yay! This is exactly what we love to hear! Simple easy and loved nutrition makes for the best ever outcomes. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and opinion with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality natural remedy!

Kelly Hansen

Dog thinks it?s delish!

My super picky dog loved that I added this oil to his food! Now he gulps it all right up! I?ve also seen an increase in mobility. For an 11-year-old pup with some arthritis, seeing the ease in which he gets up, jumps on the couch and walks around is just amazing.

Best Paw Nutrition

Wow! Getting to see all the benefits of amazing nutrition in action. Nothing makes us smile brighter than knowing your fur family is feeling better. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and opinion with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality natural remedy!

United States

One of the best fish oils out there!

This is a company that I�ve done business with before and truly trust. I�ve bought several of their products and so far I am very happy with each one. This product is no different. It is made with only the best ingredients and is all natural. It is even human grade. I am very particular with what I give my dogs and I would never hesitate to give them this. My dogs coat shines and they no longer itch or shed. I have noticed a big difference in the texture of their coats when I brush them. This oil is also good for their brain and heart health plus their kidneys and vision and it�s an anti-inflammatory. My dogs even love the taste of it. I would definitely recommend this product!

Best Paw Nutrition

This is fantastic news! We make sure that all of our products are truely with the pets in mind and here to support anyone at any point. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and opinion with us and other pet parents and for choosing a quality natural remedy!


Great Product!

My dog loves this stuff, and as a working dog I'm always looking for something to give him a boost. Not to mention it helps keep their coat healthy and shiny!

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you for letting us and other curious pet parents know! It's great to hear that your working pupperbean is able to find some extra energy in his day! All while sporting a gleaming coat! Thank you for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your furred family member.

Barbara Lawrence

Great quality and quick shipping

Products like these allow me to provide the best for my dogs. Thank you.

Best Paw Nutrition

You're absolutely welcome! We're very happy to be able to help out pet parents and offer their fur families some all-natural supplements! I'm very glad that you are happy with the products and I'd like to thank you for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your beloved canine companions.


7 Heaven

My seven really like this on top of their dry food. They do not know, lol, not only does it taste good, but helps them, too.

Best Paw Nutrition

That's wonderful to hear! Having a supplement that the whole furred family can enjoy and benefit from is just great! Thank you for trying out a quality holistic remedy for your tail wagging companions.

Deb Kaad

Great for older dogs and their joints

My dogs love this product. Use it for all of my older dogs and they are having a great summer getting around great and enjoying life. My vet recommended for their older joints. Working well!!! Thank you.

Best Paw Nutrition

That is fantastic! We are so happy that you're vet recommend salmon oil! There is nothing we want more than to know your dogs are feeling great and thriving during the dog days of summer! Thank you for choosing a quality, holistic remedy.