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Wild Icelandic Tuna Oil 8 oz | Fish Oil For Cats & Dogs

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DHA Powerhouse for Skin & Joint Problems 

Naturally occurring nutrients within the purest Tuna oil from only wild fish to provide the powerful Omega 3 fatty acids both DHA and EPA for skin and joint health. Tuna oil is the DHA powerhouse. DHA is the Omega 3 that is used directly as a building material to heal skin and soft tissues. The highest levels of DHA naturally found in fish oil for pets is proudly and only available by Best Paw Nutrition. 

Popular Uses for Pure EPA & DHA Tuna Oil 

  • Mild to moderately dry, flaky itchy skin and paws
  • Natural home remedy for dandruff and skin conditions
  • Fights inflammation, DHA alone can help improve arthritis symptoms
  • Essential to for heart and brain health keeps your pet sharp and alert 
  • Development for puppies and kittens, cognitive function for seniors

Product Information

  • Clean and biologically available Omega fatty acids and other nutrients
  • Provides the lipid resources to naturally heal and restore skin and joints
  • The healthy ratio of higher Omega 3 fatty acids to lower Omega 6 fatty acids
  • High concentration of DHA compared to our other pure fish oils 
  • Natural anti-inflammatory for damaged skin, joint tissues, and vital organs
  • 100% pure oil, no diluents, fillers, preservatives or chemicals
  • Wild-caught esthetically sourced from sustainable fishing grounds, never farmed 
  • Environmentally friendly, BPA free, recyclable or reusable 
Product Care & Serving Instructions 
  • Best before date is approximately 2 years from production date
  • For optimal freshness and potency, serve within 90 days of opening
  • Always serve with nutritious grain-free food, mix well, serve 
  • Due to no preservatives, please refrigerate after opening 
  • Do not expose to extreme heat or sunlight 

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United States

In depth review of Tuna Oil

As a pet owner, quality is so important to me and my pets and so far this brand has proved quality to me, their email info about their products is so informative. They assured me that not only does the tuna oil, and all of their oils never leave the human food supply chain and has to pass all of the rigorous testing just like the rest of human products. I've given the tuna oil for about 3 weeks and I saw a reduction in shedding from all three of my guys. I did ask about why the bottle was so small, and it's because it's new and they hope to bring larger sizes on later. I'm totally hoping they do! It'd be super awesome to get the Tuna oil in a 32oz bottle just like their salmon. Being a healthy fish oil I already know that it's very usable for their bodies and won't go to waste because my cats and dog are carnivores, their digestive systems were evolved to quickly handle animal fats and proteins, basic biology at work there. Look closely at the nutrition label for it, and if you compare it with the other oils Best Paw offers, the different fish oils actually have differences between the Omega 3's and other omega fatty acids. This is so important!!! Because depending on the pet, they might want to start with the Tuna oil because it has the MOST DHA out of all of them. EPA and DHA do different things in the body, so DHA is better for healing the cause of discomfort such as things like joints and skin, EPA is better for lowering inflammation either caused by damage or things in the diet like sugar molecules that causes chronic inflammation in the whole body. After that, from a diet perspective, it's important to switch out the oils. Just like with different meats given to pets, the variety and different ratios of nutrients makes sure the body doesn't have a deficiency somewhere. Different animals that eat different things are going to have different nutrients and the amounts of them. It's simple logic for that standpoint, plus scientists are still discovering new nutrients so who knows, a tuna might have a super important nutrient that a salmon or cod won't have. So for a short summary: My pets loved it, they did amazing on it, it's very low mercury for any tuna product I've looked into from their extreme care to ensure safety, has the highest Omega 3 amount and highest DHA amount from all the oils Best Paw Nutrition offers and would be the first to choose for severe inflammation or allergies and then rotate the other oils they offer to ensure healthy balance between the two different Omega 3 fatty acids and the other Omega oils including 6, 7 and 9 and the naturally occurring nutrients in fish oil like astaxanthin which protects against free radicals and oxidation.

Alex verified customer review of Wild Icelandic Tuna Oil 8 oz | Fish Oil For Cats & DogsAlex verified customer review of Wild Icelandic Tuna Oil 8 oz | Fish Oil For Cats & DogsAlex verified customer review of Wild Icelandic Tuna Oil 8 oz | Fish Oil For Cats & Dogs
Best Paw Nutrition

Wow! Thank you so much for your kind words! We're truly overjoyed to hear that your beautiful cats and wonderful dog enjoyed their Tuna Oil so much, and that their shedding was able to be reduced! Your thoughts truly mean the world to us- Thank you for sharing your experience, and for choosing a quality holistic remedy!


Love this Omega 3!I

I use this with my 4 dogs and 3 cats! They love the taste and I love the results! I highly recommend!

Best Paw Nutrition

This is great news! There is nothing better than when a whole fur family agrees on a new favorite. Thank you for sharing with us and other pet parents your vital opinion and experience! And thank you for choosing a holistic nutritional remedy!

Tracey Smalley

Healthier skin

Awesome Omega3 & awesome company.

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and for your kind words! I'm so happy to hear that your pet's skin seems healthier! Thank you again for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your beloved pet companion.

Angela Moran

Cured my cat's dandruff!

We’ve tried numerous washed, topicals, supplements, and several medications prescribed by the vet to cure two of our cats dandruff to no avail. We’ve been pleased with other Pure Paw products and when we discovered the tuna oil was recommended for dandruff we gave it a shot. In just two weeks our orange monster is dandruff free! Our grey by, Charlie, had more severe dandruff to begin with and his is greatly improving. I used to pet or brush Charlie and he’d have the dandruff snow appearing immediately in his coat. I truly believe in a few more weeks his dandruff will be under control if nonexistent. Plus as a cat owner who is highly allergic to cats, I know I’m crazy in that I take shots and pills, I’ve noticed I’m not having as quick of a reaction after petting the cat. When I do react it was extreme itching and immediately breaking out in hives! I now pet the cats and am not having hives and only minor itching that washing the itchy area seems to stop it. My allergy shots and medication have not changed, the only change I’ve made was giving the cats the tuna oil. While I’m no medical professional and can’t say this will have the exact same effect for others, I can say it has made this allergic cat owner feel better!

Best Paw Nutrition

That's awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us and other curious pet parents! I'm really glad to hear that both of your feline companions have been experiencing less dandruff since starting this supplement! Especially your orange feline friend who took to it right away! As for your other purrbean I do agree, it will take a bit longer to soothe the skin considering his condition was more severe. Also as a cat lover myself I can completely understand having feline friends despite any allergies, and so I'm super happy that this has helped you continue to love your purrbeans with less worry! Thank you so much for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your feline friends.

Susan Stoneman

Not fishy at all!

I have a strong aversion to the smell of fish oil, but this one doesn't smell at all! I got a new foster dog who is hairless, and his skin was a mess. I haven't used it that long, but his skin already looks a lot better, it's no longer greasy and he's not having breakouts any more. I give it to four of my dogs and their poop hasn't gotten soft at all, which I've noticed with some other brands. Very pleased.

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you so much for sharing the experience you and your fur family members had! It's awesome to hear that your canine companions are taking to their new supplement well! Including the newest pup to join your pack, I'm very glad he is feeling much more comfortable in his own skin! Thank you for choosing a quality natural remedy for your pack.


Great supplement

I always give fish oil to my guys. And I love that this is usable for both my dog and cat so I don't have to get them separate products. The company is super helpful and the oil real makes their coat shine!

Best Paw Nutrition

Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing your experience with other curious pet parents!! I'm glad to hear this was able to make serving healthy supplements to your fur family much easier, along with adding a beautiful gleam to your pet's coats! Thank you for choosing a quality holistic remedy for your furred family members.


Great supplement

My dog loves this

Best Paw Nutrition

Wonderful! There is nothing better than knowing your beloved pet is enjoying their new supplement! Thank you for choosing a quality, natural remedy for your furred family member.